Our lodgings are located in a privileged environment of the “Sierras de Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas” Natural Park, which allows the practice of a vast amount of active tourism activities:

actividades de aventura en casa rural en quesada


A fun and adrenaline-filled activity that is practiced in the middle of an impressive natural environment.
It consists of following the course of a river to perform descents, jumps, rappels, slides and swimming areas; where along the way you will find waterfalls, pools of water, caves, etc.; to make the activity an unforgettable experience and a unique getaway.

Horse Trails Cazorla Rural House

Horse trails

A unique activity for animal lovers, enjoy the landscapes of the area while riding magnificent horses.

Kayak Cazorla Rural House


Disfrutar de un paseo en kayak por las tranquilas aguas del Embalse de la Bolera es una actividad relajante y refrescante; ideal para vacaciones en familia.

Trekking Cazorla Rural House

Paddle surf

A fun and refreshing activity where you can explore the crystal clear waters inside a reservoir on a paddle board.

You will have fun balancing on the board while exploring unique and inaccessible corners on foot.

Rafting Cazorla Rural House


Disfruta de los ríos de nuestro parque natural realizando una actividad en la que descenderás por el río en una embarcación neumática o balsa, ¡y aprenderás a maniobrarla para superar las turbulencias o rápidos!
Aid Climbing Cazorla Rural House

Vía Ferrata

En la Sierra de Cazorla podrás disfrutar de la aventura subiendo a lo más alto de la montaña entre escalones y cables.
Se trata de escalar paredes verticales a través de tramos horizontales y verticales, puentes tibetanos o puentes colgantes de madera.

¡Una forma diferente de vivir la aventura!

Cycling Routes Cazorla Rural House

Cycling Routes

The natural environment that surrounds our lodgings is ideal to enjoy this activity.

You’ll be able to find a multitude of natural places to travel on two wheels.

Paintball Cazorla Rural


“Sierra de Cazorla” Mountain Range is an ideal natural area to practice this adrenalin pumping activity.

We provide paintballs gun and ammo, you provide the action! Eliminate the opposing team among ruins, rocks and trees.

Escalada Cazorla Rural

Rock Climbing

“Peña Rubia” is close to our lodgings, a natural area equipped with climbing routes so that you can enjoy the experience of climbing to the top of the mountains.

Trekking Cazorla Rural House


The area has a multitude of trails and marked paths to enjoy the practice of this activity.
You will love getting lost in our paths and exploring the exotic lands of Sierras de Cazorla.

Hiking Snowshoes Cazorla Rural House


Go for a hike through the “Sierras de Cazorla, Segura y las Villas” Natural Park, and the “Sierra Nevada” National Park, using special snow shoes you will be amazed by our spectacular snowy landscapes.

Orientacion Deportiva Cazorla Rural

Sportive Orientation

We’ll have fun with a map and compass, diving into nature!

An activity with great educational content performed in the “Sierras de Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas” Natural Park.